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Our Tabu Ley , alias Seigneur Rochereau Sinamoyi Pascal , passed away Saturday morning November 30, 2013 , at the age of 76 years.

For those who do not know , Tabu Ley had suffered a stroke a few years there's it . He had covered much of its autonomy , but is was not fully recovered .

Disease tears us one of the greatest singers , composers, manufacturers and innovators of the Congolese Rumba .

Indeed, since its involvement in professional music from Grand Kalle and African Jazz ( official presentation June 6, 1959 ), it has continued to bring freshness and modernity in Congolese music .

It is one of the few composers in the world to have met and far exceeded a thousand compositions. He is the first African artist to go to Olympia in 1970. He leaves us an unique voice and a way to compose and sing full of intelligence and poetry.

Since his first composition " Kellya " which took no time to ride , Tabu Ley remained in the authentic fields of Congolese Rumba while experimenting with new methods of orchestration and style. Tabu Ley is particularly the father of " Jobs" and " Soum - Djoum " variants Rumba where he shows how he treated well and without plagiarism powerful black American influences "Soul Music" and music " Funky " 70 . On this occasion , he develops instead of drums hitherto neglected in orchestrating Congolese . He also developed the practice ensures that the animation of the dance is ensured only by the accompanying guitar solo stands as a point of orchestration.

It has allowed many famous singers make their debut and even flourish alongside him include eg Sam Mangwana , Pamelo Mounk'A , Ndombe Pepe Photas , Karé , Diana , Mbilia Bell, Yondo sisters , Mimi Ley ...

Moreover, Tabu Ley was always surrounded by lead guitarists out peers, and have with him, built one of three basic schools of huge guitar expression of Congolese music , the concepts are often adopted in Music African and World . These include guitarists : Dr. Nico, Mwena , DECHAUD , Damoiseau , Guvano , Athel , Michelino Faugus , Lokassa . This is a continuation of the game these illustrious guitarists that emerged in other famous guitarists in the same style , such as: Manuaku Waku Gerry Gerard, Lucky Mahoungou , Dizzy Mandjeku , Mavatiku Bopol , Kinzunga Ricos , Mongoley , Jeff Louna , Dino Vangu , Souza Vangu ...

As for the style of his compositions, Tabu Ley showed incredible ease to discuss any topic of society and to print in its lines a tremendous sense of both poetry and pragmatism, nostalgia and joy . I had the honor of knowing him and attend some sessions recording studios IAD Brazzaville , where I noted that it had the rare gift of being able to compose spontaneously while ensuring accuracy and relevance of words and rhythm.

Many of his compositions have become and will become the standard of Congolese music in particular and the African music in general.

We feel good to you, Lord Ley, and thank you , and thank you again for the great legacy that you leave to African Music .

Rest in peace .

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